Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Sweet Potato 3 Ways

 The Sweet Potato is so versatile and so full of amazing nutrients.  Click the link to see why you should fall in love with this awesome root.

When I am preparing mine I always give the skin a good scrubbing.  When you eat the potatoe with the skin on, it gives you 4 times the amount of Beta Carotene!

I always wrap mine in foil and line my tray for easy clean up. 
 I just wrap up the foil and the clean up is nothing!
 Everyone in my house takes their Sweet Potato a little different.
My Boy's all prefer a little crunch - this is why there are chips with this  - you could make the most beautiful meal and one of the guys are going to say - "Got any Chips?"  Im okay with this now, but as a newly wed - not so much.

The little guys like their Sweet Potatoes with the traditional cinnamon, brown sugar and butter topping.  This is more of a dessert to me, but knowing all the great nutrients they are getting in their spud I let that go too!
 My girl prefers her with a Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette. It is so easy to make because I use a Good Season's Salad Dressing mix as my base.  I swap the regular vinegar the pkg calls for and use Balsamic.  Then I add Honey to sweeten the pot a little bit.  It is so delicious, I love it this way as well. 

Today I tried something new that I seen in Whole Living magazine.  I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it.
On a Baked Sweet Potato squeeze several Orange wedges. Then top with some chopped pecans!  This has a very bright flavor.  I so enjoyed it and just had to share!  Any time there is a new idea for a way to Top a Sweet Potato I am ready to hear it.  They are so easy for this home-school momma to prepare for lunch they are a staple in our house! 

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