Monday, January 9, 2012

Karina's Guacamole

I could seriously forgo a meal for just a sit down of "guac" and chips.  My brother made the best decision of his entire life when he married my now sister - Karina.  Karina comes from a Hispanic family that can throw down on some major delicious food!  At their Wedding her family made Fajitas for the entire lot of us, and her mother, Dora made "the best" tamale I have ever put in my mouth.  I've had tamales everywhere including Mexico - I mean come on - I live in Texas, they are bountiful here - But none have compared to Dora's.  All of that to tell you Karina taught my sweet man Joshua how to make Guacamole! And Yesterday I ate Guac for lunch! It was delicious as always.  Here's the problem.  There isn't a recipe.  Its a "O taste and see that the guac is good" sort of thing... It's simple like most things that are delicious.
 Here's is what you need:
3 ripe avocado's
3 limes start with the juice of one and go from there.

 Karina spoon's her avocado's out! Make sure that you save the seeds! Keep them in your finished guacamole to keep it from turning brown!
 My avocado skins never look this good after Im done - Im so excited to get to the guac part that I end up just squeezing the skins together and diving in!
 Also a very fine chop on everything makes every bite super good.  She's got mad chopping skills! :)

 Teeny tiny onions, maybe it ended up being like 3-4 tablespoons - again do it to taste.
Here you can take a look at her proportions and see about how much of everything goes in.  The minced garlic is on the top.  I always think a little more garlic is way better than not enough.  We did at least two cloves in this batch. 
 Yesterday Joshua made it.  They both make it delicious!  Here's his batch. Using the same ingredients - we just taste as we go - EVERY SINGLE TIME!
 Once you have all of the ingredients together, use whatever tool necessary to get it combined and in your mouth!
You can substitute garlic powder - if you HAVE to!


  1. yum. that looks delish. and what a lovely picture of her. wish i had been there to get in on the mad chopping! xoxo

  2. We wish you would have been to! I hope that you had an awesome birthday - Im so sorry that I missed it!


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