Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turkey Sandwich with Braswells Dressing

Here is my latest Yummy Sandwich.  I recently picked up some new Salad Dressings at Central Market.  Im sure these are probably found at many different grocers. The Braswells's brand has many different types of dressings but the one used here is called Vidalia Onion & Summer Tomato. You can buy the dressing at the Braswell's website link above.

I actually tried this dressing on a sandwich because I was out of my bread and butter pickles and I wanted to throw a kick into my sandwich that was  a little bit sweet.  It turned out to be really yummy and I have this for lunch often!

Here is the very simple process!
On Wheat Bread, I spread Hellmann's on both sides.

I layer one slice of Colby Jack Cheese - today it was Sargento.

 On top of the cheese I layer mesquite smoked or hickory smoked turkey.

On top of the turkey I spread the Vidallia Onion and Summer Tomato Dressing!

Put the lid on your sandwich and Enjoy!

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