Monday, November 15, 2010

Hungry Momma French Toast

French toast was a favorite of mine growing up.  Momma always made this for me when I was watching my big brother go out the door for Kindergarten - so I remember eating this dish at 3 years old.  Maybe this is my first recollection of food. Momma always served it with butter and then powdered sugar.  Whenever it was strawberry season and we had Strawberry Preservers that is the way I preferred it (and still do)!
Then I got married and my gorgeous man tried to convert me to cinnamon and syrup! I did end up adding cinnamon, but I don't add that when I want to eat it with the strawberry preserves. Here is the way I do it.

Crack open 6 eggs in a bowl.
Add 1/3 cup of milk and whisk til blended.
Sprinkle in some Cinnamon if you so desire...

Dip your bread (I use whole wheat) into the egg batter.  Flip over and make sure both sides are covered. Do this rather quickly, as to not get the bread soggy.  Transfer bread to a buttered griddle.  Cook at a medium temp til done on both sides.  French Toast tends to cook rather quickly - you are just cooking a thin layer of egg on the outside really so just check it with your spatula every so often.
Dress it up however you like; because that is a highly debated topic at our house, I will warn you that Everyone will probably want it different!

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  1. Mmm! I've always added cinnamon and a splash of vanilla to my batter, but I've never tried it with preserves on top! Yummy!


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