Friday, April 6, 2007

Fried Green Beans

submitted by Dara Singleton

Fry about 6-8 slices of bacon. Save drippings and set aside bacon. Add to your drippings 2-3 can's of green beans drained. Add these spices to your liking: Onion flakes (or better yet fry up a diced red onion in with the green beans), garlic powder or fresh minced garlic, a pinch of brown sugar- like a tablespoon, pepper and salt. If that isn't enough oil, I do some real butter. Cook these down real good - start them when you begin preparing your dinner meal - cook at a medium high heat, then once cooked through good - turn them down on low. Before serving crumble bacon all over the top and don't forget to make it to the gym in the morning!

Dara's notes: If I don't have bacon - I just use real butter, they are delicious however you do them. You can even add stewed tomatoes with for a Italian flair - very good! Josh doesn't prefer them that way - but my dad and I love them with the tomatoes - that rendition came from the restaurant that Josh proposed to me in - The Red Onion Cafe in Joplin MO.


  1. Oh my goodness I am drooling. I can't wait to make these next time we grill chicken or steaks!

  2. this is HILARIOUS. michael's granny writes her 'down home' recipes the same way - in paragraph form! ha! this sounds delish...and a tasty way to do-up michael's favorite beans!

  3. All my life I have avoided canned green beans..I used to say that I was allergic to them. I just got to where I can eat frozen as long as there is butter and grated parmesan mixed in. BUT, I have made these twice in the last few weeks, and two cans of green beans are almost gone between the three of us. YUMMY!

    Here's a bacon tip...I get my bacon from Fareway, and when I get home I separate the slices into small plastic baggies (depends on what I am going to use it for, how many I put in each baggie), and then place the smaller baggies in a big freezer ziploc. If you want to be able to pull out slices of bacon individually, try rolling up each strip before you place them in the baggie, then they won't stick together and you can pick one at a time.


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