Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hungry Momma Mexican Chilaquiles

While living in Ames we ate at this joint and I always ordered their Mexican Chilaquiles.  It is a super yummy but simple dish.  I decided a few weeks ago I was going to try and re-create what I remembered and I was pleasantly surprised with how much it tasted like the real deal!
Here is what I did:
 Place 4-6 frozen Chicken Breast in a crock pot.
 Dice a medium sized purple onion in the onion chopper.
 I love this thing!  Best invention ever - I hate chopping onions!
 Pour over the chicken One can of Mild Red Enchilada Sauce and One small can of tomato sauce.

 Drizzle in some Olive oil.
 Pour your onions over the top.
Sprinkle in one package of your favorite Taco seasonings.

Cook it low and slow until your meat is falling apart.

How to eat this dish:
On a parchment lined cookie sheet I take my favorite thin corn chips - (El Milagro chips) and I spread this meat mixture over the top.
I then top it with Colby Jack/Cheddar blend of cheeses and broil til the cheese is just melted.
You can serve this with sour cream, guacamole, feta cheese, cilantro, salsa - you name it the toppings are endless!  What I loved about this version is that it wasn't overpowering with onion, those just cook down to nothing in your sauce.  Also I used a mild taco seasoning - Old El Paso and it wasn't too hot for my youngest to eat!  Its a kid friendly dish for sure!
I hope this makes getting to the table easier for you and your family!


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