Thursday, December 2, 2010

Contest Coming in the Morning!!!

Dear Blogger Friends,
I have a special recipe that has come up in our family for years.  It is so delicious and I would love to share it...However....The name that it was given - is not right - because it is neither Hungarian or a Goolash in my opinion.  I need your help.  This Hungarian Goolash - as my mother and grandma called it, needs cooks like yourselves to make it and submit your name for the dish!
Here is what you need to do,
Follow the recipe  - Get your friends to make the recipe...
Post a picture of your completed dish on the Hungry Momma Facebook page.
Submit your name for the dish as your comment on your picture of the dish.
Compete and talk smack with your sisters and friends who are also making the dish and the name they have chosen...
All Entries must be submitted by December 18th!
The Name of the Dish will be Posted On the 20th!
The more the merrier in this competition.  The prize as of now is bragging rights that you named a dish on the Hungry Momma, along with, of course -  a box of delicious home made Hungry Momma cookies shipped to your door - Or you can have them sent to someone for a New Years gift!
If your in,  let me know in the comment section below!!!
Recipe will post in the morning as the "Dish Without a Proper Name!"


  1. Do I have to rename it in our family? Somehow this makes me sad! Ha! And it makes me miss Grandma B! Your Dad and I both were missing her the other night, saying, " if grandma were here, she'd have supper fixed for us! " this was the night we were out late and we were cold and hungry!

  2. I want to try it!! Sounds like fun!!!!

  3. Dara, the blog is looking great! I love the header and the ads and widgets--it looks so official!
    Ok, this is going to be fun, I am in!

  4. Forgot to pick up the ingrediants while at the store.....guess im out.

  5. Kim You still have time - Pics and ideas arent due until the 18th~ You have plenty of time!!! :)

  6. I am in....making this tonight!


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