Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peggy's Pasta

This is a dish that we grew up eating. One of my momma's best friends in California made it up.  Kids Love this too. There was a time growing up that I thought my brother was going to turn into Peggy's Pasta.  Its a "quick to the table" dish.  You can serve it with a huge nummy salad and garlic bread and you're good to go!

Chop 1 lb. bacon in 1 inch slices
Chop 1 red onion

Brown together with salt and pepper.

quick directions:
Boil one pkg. linguine pasta with a dab of oil. Drain Pasta as well as Bacon and Onions and toss all together while the bacon is still hot, add lots of Parmesan cheese 1/2 to 1 cup. Season with at least 1 T. Italian Seasoning. Serve Immediately.
Start your bacon first.  Let it get going before you add the onions, you don't want them to cook away to nothing. 
After a nice coarse chop of your Purple Onion add it to the bacon.  What you are doing to the Onion is basically caramelizing it.  It will become sweet!  So delicious.  This is why you don't add the onion immediately because you don't want it to fry up crisp like your bacon. 
Start your water for the Pasta.  The goal is to have the bacon finished just as the pasta is finished because it all marries together at the perfect time and the result is delicious!
After your bacon is crisp and onions are caramelized Drain them in a colander.

Mix your tablespoon of Italian seasoning in with your Parmesan cheese. Have it ready to go.
Drain your Linguine.

Drizzle with plenty of Olive Oil.
Add the Parmesan Cheese and toss vigorously.
Go for it Honey!
Your ready for your Bacon and Onions, (Plates should be ready &drinks on the table because you eat it immediately!

Toss Vigorously again and serve it up!  All the children rejoice - OH YAY! MOMMA, YOU MADE PEGGY'S PASTA!!!! (at least that is how it goes at our house!)


  1. Sounds great, Sunday night dinner this weekend!

  2. I like to use bow ties and fresh Parmesan cheese!
    I also like to do this think to the pasta noodles when they are cooking that makes them spicy. You need to put this tip on a tips and secrets section!
    Old Bay shrimp and crab boil. toss a teaspoon of that into the water while the noodle are cooking and it makes life better. I'll show you over Christmas with a simple box of Kraft Mac&Cheese!

  3. This looks so good! Im going to make it this week!

  4. you are like my martha stewart.

  5. Summer - but without the tax fraud!


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