Sunday, January 2, 2011

Devon-shire Cream (Use me like butter)

 My Father's side of the family migrated here from England.  I sometimes wonder if the love for tea, short-breads, and cream's like this one, is from some ancestor, somewhere - way back.  When I was 5 years old my parents were able to take a trip to England.  While there my mother brought back tasty treats and a hankering for a delicious Devon-shire cream.  Where I grew up in Missouri fun stuff like clotted cream's and specialty items were no where around.  So, when we moved here and my parents came to town we visited  Central Market.  There on the shelf was the very cream Momma had had while in England!  You can bet that she bought it, but she also paid a pretty price for it.
Well, this hungry momma was on the phone with her last night and she wouldn't let me hang up the phone before I wrote this recipe down.  This is the recipe that you use for when you cant just hop on a plane and run to England - or go to Central Market because it is 45 minutes away!

 1 8oz pkg of Cream Cheese
1/2 cup of Sour Cream
2 Tablespoons of Powdered Sugar

Place ingredients in a bowl and whip up with your electric mixer.
Serve on scones, biscuits, or toast - whatever you would put butter on, and HONEY! It will change your life!  It's good stuff!
Don't take my word for it - try it yourself in the morning at breakfast!

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  1. I love devonshire cream! My kids love it too! We always put it on warm scones...yum!


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