Friday, January 7, 2011

Teacher Treats

How about a quick gift idea for the people who invest so much into your kids?
This week I made "puppy chow" as we call it. It's yummy and addicting! However it makes nearly a whole cereal box full and we dont need that much candy around here. I just wanted one bite honest!

Several years in a row I purchased a daily desk calendar by Mary Englebreit. I could not throw out her beautiful artwork that was on each page so I have been recycling these into little cards for quite a few years!

"Books Fall Open, You Fall In" is perfect for the reading teacher!
I placed about two cups of candy into the cellophane bags. Put on the silver twisty tie it came with...Went to the ribbon box and found a nice sturdy wired type (hoping it holds it shape after my first grader carries it in). Tied a bow. Then I selected my cards with a teacher theme and wrote Happy January on the back! I punched a little hole in the corner and threaded a tiny ribbon through it to fasten it on to the package. These cards could even have said "thank God it's Friday!" there doesn't have to be an occasion to give. Just do it and make someone feel special!


  1. Thanks a million, Dara! It was delish. I have to hide the bag from the hubby and myself. Otherwise, it would have been empty. You are too kind to this 1st grade teacher! :-)

  2. I loved this! I didn't have to worry about sharing because I had the bad finished before lunch. It was so yummy. Thanks so much!


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