Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Virtual Quilting Bee

 My sweet friend Stephanie had the greatest idea to put together an online quilt block swap.  (Visit her Etsy site by clicking on her name!) I grew up with Stephanie in Missouri.  She now lives in California and I in Texas.  She has all sorts of sewing friends, but being that we were all spread out all over the country, she just put it out there on Facebook and invited whoever wanted to join in on this venture to come on!  She shared with us this idea as the pattern!  The Quilt It blog is a wealth of information on quilting and has tons of inspiration!  To see how this quilt block is formed go to the link  for the details.  She explains it way better than I could!

I obviously joined the group.  I have never met any of these ladies in person, but have enjoyed so much sharing our common interest in our group on Facebook. 

I am so thankful for how modern day technology brings us together.  My 10 blocks are due at the beginning of May and I look forward to getting one of everyone elses blocks!

 Ive been making a few extra's for other little projects.  Its easier to see how these come together when you look at it in rows.  But again, make sure to visit the Quilt It blog to see the specifics!

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