Thursday, July 7, 2011

Couponing and Cooking Ahead

A few years ago I took a stab at couponing.  After having a baby I resorted to the big box stores and went out as little as possible!  As the baby gets older, the easier life becomes and normal is slow in coming - but still it's coming.  I have been back at couponing again the past two weeks and I am amazed at how much we have stocked up, as well as how much money I have saved.  It's crazy! I have been following The Krazy Coupon Lady and have made the whole coupon book and everything!  I am posting a link to their book here.  Be sure and check out their awesome site. Go to the Beginner's section and dive in!
Around any holiday is a great time to stock up on meat. So over the fourth my husband went a little crazy and truly stocked up.  My little freezer is full and the one in the garage is starting to get a few meals as well!
Here is what I did.
Upon bringing home loads of Chicken Tenderloin, I prefer to repackage before I freeze it.  I made up several different marinade's.  Searching out all my favorite recipe's and then trying some new ones as well I froze the chicken in portions for my family of 5 in the marinade.  Once it has unthawed in the refrigerator - it will be ready to go onto the grill or into the oven!  Main Entree - DONE!
With all the extra lean ground beef, I made up BBQ meatballs that require being frozen before baking anyway, as well as some chili.  Both of these recipes make enough for two meals for my family.  I chose to cook them after all the kids were in bed the other night - and it was fairly quick and easy. 
There is a book out there available that tells you how to do all the cooking ahead in like a two day stint.  It comes complete with grocery list and everything.  I followed this once with the lady I used to work for growing up.  We had a ton of fun doing it and she even had meals to give away to new momma's and daddy's or anyone you just wanted to share with! If you don't have an entire full two days to devote to this, just do it as you find things on sale.  Save money, and cook ahead, it makes for a less stressful day, and LET ME TELL YOU - Im all about that! I hope that some of these tips really help you out!
From one Hungry Momma to another!

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